APT teams with MOVE to build a strong workforce

Cokato, MN – Dunwoody College from Minneapolis, MN has established a training center in Winsted, MN in an effort to quickly respond to the West Region’s manufacturing employment needs. “As APT continues to grow, we are always looking for skilled manufactures. I saw Dunwoody coming to our area as a terrific opportunity and immediately supported MOVE.” said President Craig Campbell.

MOVE which stands for “Manufacturing Opportunities for Vocational Employment” was supported by fifteen area businesses to create a “win-win” situation for employers as well as graduates of the program. With the ability to get a career in just 16 weeks, this program is an affordable option for those not wanting to invest in a two year technical program. Class sizes are small with an emphasis on hands-on applied learning, utilizing customized curriculum focusing on the skills needed by the local manufacturing market. Production Manager, Dan Dickhausen stated “We have been very involved with the students of Dunwoody through plant tours, donations for hands-on experience and recruitment of potential students for the next 16 week course. We are excited to see the first class graduate and the skills they can bring to APT.”